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shrimp import
Strong shrimp imports by China
02/12/2019 Farmed shrimp production in Asia this year is likely to be lower than in 2018. In Latin America, increased production is expected in Ecuador. Shrimp...
Pangasius price
Pangasius prices dive as buyers pull back but rapid output expansion continues
02/12/2019 After an exceptional year in 2018, pangasius producers who invested heavily in expansion now find themselves facing much more difficult conditions as full inventories and...
tuna market report
Canned tuna demand stable with moderate supplies and low prices of skipjack
03/12/2019 Tuna packers in Asia and Europe held sufficient stocks until August-September 2019. Reefer carriers have had long queue at Bangkok port during this period. The...
Frozen skipjack prices declined to record low in July
10/09/2019 Last year’s positive demand trend for canned tuna continued during the first quarter of 2019, with increased imports of higher value products in the...
+84932 349 858