Best Yellown Tuna Slice Simple Recipe

Yellown tuna slice is an easy canned product for simple dish. They are really good to be eaten due to the firm and oily texture. You can choose canned yellown slice in oil which has a great taste to be tried and they are also high in nutrition. Besides skipjack tuna, yellown tuna is among tuna sh that are popular for exported and imported products. Yellown tuna known as light chunk of tuna just like skipjack, bigeye, and tongol. That’s why when you want to buy yellown tuna, it is better to read the labels rst so you will know whether the sh in the can is yellown or other types of light tuna fish

Yellown tuna slice is great for some simple recipe

Yellown tuna slice is a high quality tuna with mildly sweet esh and nutrition such as omega 3, protein, minerals, and vitamins. To cook yellown tuna fish,you can use fresh tuna and slice them . If you using fresh Yellown tuna  then you can even eat it raw as sashimi tuna served with Japanese soy sauce and wasabi. You can simply pan sear the fish with hot sauce pan and let the outside part of the fish slightly crisp crust while you can keep the inside part of the sh rare to medium-rare. You can serve the tuna fish as tuna salad or dip in the sauce such as
spicy mayonnaise or soy ginger as well.
This is how you can cook pan seared the yellown tuna slice recipe in this recipe you need to use yellown tuna steak or tuna slice:
1. Season the yellown tuna lightly with pepper and salt. Next, sprinkle some additional spices according to your taste such as chili powder, coriander,
crushed red peppers, and garlic powder.
2. Coat the pan with olive oil and pre-heat the stove to a medium-high heat. Place the saucepan on the stove.

3. Make sure that the oil is heated before you place the yellown tuna slice. Sear the fish for about 2 to 4 minutes on one side and then when it is done, ipthe sh to another side. Thicker meat will need longer time to be done and oppositely. You should always pay attention to heat as well to prevent over-cook.

You need to lower the heat to prevent over browning on the side of the fish.

4. Remove the tuna sh from the saucepan and then put them on a cutting board if you use yellown steak instead of the best yellown tuna slice. Slice the fish steaks into 1 inch thick strips before you serving them.
Please take a note that you should avoid place all the yellown tuna steaks or slices at one time to prevent over-crowding. You need to cook one or at least two yellown tuna only on the pan because too many tunas in one pan will not allow the fish to sear properly.

Yellown tuna benets
The signicant impact of eating yellown tuna lice is the fish good to improve a healthy heart. The sh also good to build a muscle and this is why you should include the tuna fish in your dietary or bodybuilding menu plan. Yellown also rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids,selenium, potassium, calcium, minerals, vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and many more.
The best thing about yellown is this fish has lower mercury level than Albacore tuna or known well as white meat. Since yellown tuna is smaller in size than albacore tuna and this is why they are not accumulates too much mercury unlike white tuna or other larger predatory fish.

Yellown tuna slice comes in many product like yellown tuna in oils, yellown tuna in water, yellown tuna in brine, as well as yellown tuna in organic herbs or sauces. If you want to straightly eating the tuna without too much preparation then you can simply buy tuna in sauces to get stronger avor. For healthier
and tastier tuna fish, you can cook your own sauce and the pour it over the yellown tuna fish. There are many yellown recipes which you can try either fryingpan the slice, grilled the slices, oven, smoked, and many more. You can experiment your own recipes