Sweet and sour roasted dried fish

a. Raw materials:

– 200gr of dried fish (anchovy, dried goby, dried choke fish, jackfruit flying fish…)

– 1 lemon, 2 chili, 1 garlic.

– 2 spoons of fish sauce, 2 teaspoons of sugar, main noodles.

b.How to do it

Step 1:

The dried fish is washed with hot water twice to remove all dirt, then take the fish out of the basket to drain.
 Step 2:

Minced peeled garlic, minced chili peppers with garlic, squeezed lemon juice to remove seeds. Mix fish sauce, lemon, garlic, sugar, and noodles together.

Step 3:
Put the pan on the stove, add a lot of cooking oil, until the oil is hot, add the fish, let it simmer until the fish is golden and crispy.
Step 4:
After the fish is golden, scoop out all the cooking oil, put the fish pan on the stove to let the fish dry a bit more.
Step 5:
Pour the mixture of fish sauce mixed above into the pan, stir for another 3-5 minutes for the fragrant garlic and spices to infuse the fish.
Crispy fish with a moderate sweetness and salty taste will be a savory dish that brings strange rice to your home.