What is dried yellow fish? How to do it?

What is dried yellow fish

Goldfish is a small fish, live in herds and often distributed in tropical seas. This fish has a diamond-shaped body, a curved belly and back, a slightly protruding lower jaw, a pointed head and a long iridescent yellow stripe from behind the eye to near the tail to separate the two sides of the body.

Their average length is between 10cm and 15cm.The middle back of this fish is yellow, the belly is silvery white. Goldfish usually spawn from April to August every year.





In the past, after every time they went out to sea, the fishermen caught a lot of yellow snapper and to be able to use this fish for a longer time, they dried fresh yellow thread into  Yellow Stripe Trevally Dried. The fish that are brought to dry are usually adults, with large and even bodies.

Then, the fishermen will cut open the fish, remove the head and soak it in salt water and then dry it in the sun. Along with the sea breeze the fish will dry, but they still do not lose their nutritional content.



Dried Yellow Stripe Trevally


Three delicious dishes made from golden snapper

Dried yellow snapper with tamarind sauce

To make this dish you will need 500 grams of dried yellowtail, tamarind, garlic, chili, fish sauce, sugar and water.

After you have enough ingredients, the next thing you need to do will be to clean the fish, peel and mince the garlic.

And mix tamarind sauce, to make the sauce delicious, you should add a moderate amount including: 2 tablespoons of fish sauce, 1 tablespoon of water, 2 tablespoons of sugar, a little chili, 1 small spoon of tamarind and mix them well.

Then fry the fish so that they are golden on both sides, then add the spice mixture just mixed in.

Finally, cook them in a small stove, wait until almost dry, then turn off the stove.

Fried dried yellow snapper

The ingredients of this dish are not too picky, you just need to have Dried Yellow Stripe Trevallydried, cooking oil and chili sauce. The first step will be to clean the fish by soaking it in warm water for about 15 minutes.

Then wash and remove the fish and let the fish drain. Put the pan on the stove and heat the oil, when the oil is hot, put the fish in. Note that when making this dish, the golden snapper dries very quickly, so you need to turn it over often and keep the fire low to avoid burning the fish.

The way to identify cooked fish is when the fish meat is golden and fragrant.

Dried yellow fish salad

To make the dried golden snapper salad, you will need ingredients such as yellow snapper, fish sauce, sugar, lemon, chili, mango, carrots and other herbs.

The way to do it is that you have to bake the fish first, then shred them and remove the bones.

Mix mixed water including: chili, garlic, fish sauce, lemon with a moderate amount. And peel the mango, carrot and grate it. Then add the grilled mango, carrot and fish to the water and stir until the spices can be absorbed evenly. So you have finished the extremely delicious and attractive yellow fish mango salad.



cá chỉ vàng

Marinated Grilled Yellow Stripe Trevally

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