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Guidelines for Successful Marine Shrimp Farming


The provincial sub-department of Fisheries has advised marine shrimp farmers to speed up their seeding in accordance with the actual situation of growing ponds to achieve an abundant crop of brackish water this year. In order to achieve this, farmers must pay attention to various matters before stocking.

Matters to Consider Before Stocking

One of the key things to consider before stocking is the degree of salinity, which should be at 10-15‰. Additionally, traceable post larvae, suitable stocking density (60-80 pcs/m2 for white leg shrimp with PL≥12mm and 20-25 pcs/m2 for black tiger shrimp with PL≥15mm), and frequent monitoring of weather and environmental survey results should also be taken into account.

Another important factor is the technical process from pond rehabilitation to water treatment and post larvae selection. It is essential to pay attention to every detail of the process to ensure the best possible outcome.

Post Larvae Nursing and Farming

Households with good conditions are advised to nurse post larvae in small ponds, inland ponds or pond liners at a density of 1,000 pcs/m2 within 25 or 30 days before stocking in growing ponds. This helps save time, decrease disease outbreak, and reduce production costs.

Marine shrimp farmers are encouraged to apply science and technology in production with models such as multiple stage practice, round ponds, floating ponds, and pond liners. These models help reduce disease outbreaks and harvest bigger size shrimp (20-25 pcs/kg) for higher economic efficiency.


In conclusion, marine shrimp farming requires a great deal of attention to detail and various factors such as salinity, post larvae, and stocking density must be considered before seeding. By following the recommended technical process and utilizing science and technology in production, farmers can achieve a successful harvest and higher economic efficiency.


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