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Savory Alaska Brings Fresh Alaskan Fish to Texas while Supporting Small Businesses

Savory Alaska, a family-owned business based in Leander, is not only offering fresh and delicious Alaskan fish to Texans but also supporting small businesses located 2,600 miles away in Alaska.


Savory Alaska, owned by Nathanael and Sarah Ferguson, was established in 2018 with the aim of providing their Texas friends and family a taste of Alaska. After receiving numerous compliments on their salmon dishes, the couple realized that they had access to some of the best seafood in the world and decided to share this with others.

The Fresh Taste of Alaskan Fish

Savory Alaska offers fish that tastes like the ocean and lacks the “fishy” taste that many customers avoid. The Fergusons’ fish is humanely processed, and they prioritize sustainability. Unlike large fisheries, the fishermen who work with Savory Alaska are from small, independent businesses, which creates a ripple effect of support.

Supporting Small Businesses

When customers purchase fish from Savory Alaska, they not only support the family-owned business in Leander but also small businesses located in Alaska. The fishermen who work with Savory Alaska come from small, independent businesses, which allows for a ripple effect of support for Alaskan communities.

Expressing Gratitude for Loyal Customers

Nathanael and Sarah are grateful for their regular customers who have helped their business grow. They believe that the support of their customers has allowed them to create a positive impact on both the Texas and Alaskan communities.


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