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Mollusk Exports in Quảng Ninh Resume after Pandemic Woes

The coronavirus pandemic caused a number of difficulties for the export of mollusks in Quảng Ninh, but now they can be exported back to China. The Cái Rồng port, near the mollusk farming area owned by households in Vân Đồn district, is busy these days as at least 140 tons of mollusks are sold each day, a threefold increase compared to April 2020.

The Pacific oyster farmers have increased their selling volume from 30 tons to 100 tons each day, with the spike of 120 tons. The turgid venus shell, the strength of the district, can be exported to China from May 10th.

Export Resumption

The Quảng Ninh People’s Committee submitted a report on difficulties to the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. After that, turgid venus shells can be exported to China starting May 10th. Once farmers produced and consumed upon the domestic supporting programs, they now have nearly 40 tons of turgid venus shell sold per day, mainly for exports.

Impact of the Pandemic

Mollusk exports in Quảng Ninh encountered difficulties due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. However, now that exports are resuming, the mollusk business is experiencing a rise in sales. Farmers are able to sell at least 140 tons of mollusks per day, which is a significant increase compared to April 2020.


The resumption of mollusk exports in Quảng Ninh is a relief for the farmers and stakeholders of the industry. This comeback has a significant impact on the local economy and the people who rely on the mollusk industry for their livelihood. The keyword for this content is “Mollusk Exports.”


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