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Heavy rains and flood severely damaged agriculture sector

The recent heavy rains, floods and the tropical storms no. 6 and 7 have resulted in severe damages to the agricultural production in Vietnam. As per the statistics released by the Office of Central Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, till October 13, 2020, 870 hectares of rice fields and 5,314 hectares of crops have been flooded, while 3,588 hectares of fisheries have been damaged. The disaster also resulted in the death and washing away of 332,350 cattle.

Impact on Quảng Trị

Among the affected areas, Quảng Trị was the hardest hit. Nearly 80 hectares of fisheries land were lost due to flooding, with the worst-hit areas being Gio Linh, Triệu Phong and Vĩnh Linh district. In Triệu Phong district, 30 fish farming cages were washed away, and more than 1,233 hectares of crops were flooded, causing irrecoverable damage. In Hướng Hoá mountainous district, 193 hectares of unharvested summer-autumn rice fields were totally damaged.

Recovery Measures

Local agencies and authorities are actively adopting measures to help farmers settle back and restart their production activities. In particular, they are taking measures to enhance the irrigation system, consolidate embankments and provide financial support to the affected farmers. The goal is to help the farmers recover their production activities as soon as possible, so as to ensure the continuity of the agricultural production in the affected areas.


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