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Introducing High-Quality Pangasius in Northern Market

An agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, An Viet Group JSC, and Nam Viet Company brought the first pangasius crates produced according to EU standards to Hanoi capital for distribution to northern provinces. The aim is to make high-quality pangasius available to domestic customers, who have been missing out on the export destined products. This article highlights the details of the event and the survey conducted by An Viet Group and Nam Viet Company in their efforts to cater to the northern consumers’ taste.

An Overview of the Event

The event was launched to make high-quality pangasius available in the domestic market, especially in the north. An Viet Group aims to sell a container of 25 tons of pangasius a week and increase the number when demand increases and the consumption system is set up. The survey conducted by An Viet Group and Nam Viet Company showed that the production and organization of Nam Viet Company is modern and strict. Nam Viet Company is an exporter of pangasius that meets the EU and US’s multiple requirements.

Efforts to Meet Consumers’ Taste

The processors of pangasius have not paid attention to the domestic market, especially the north, and have not produced any pangasius products that suit the taste and liking of local consumers. Therefore, Nam Viet Company was advised to adjust pangasius products to the northern consumers’ taste, such as reducing sweet and bitter taste and adding spices. An Viet consulted its partner to diversify products to suit consumers of all ages. As per the survey, the first crates of pangasius consumed in the north were highly evaluated by customers and retailers.

Plans for Future Market Expansion

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is working with associations, sectors, and companies to penetrate further into pangasius markets, especially in Russia. Sales contracts with Russian partners have been signed for exporting around 300 thousand tons per year from 2021. In the next few months, more pangasius processing companies will be encouraged to connect with distributors in the north to expand the market.

Pangasius – A Nutritious and Healthy Food

Assistant Professor and Doctor Lê Bạch Mai, former Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition, said that pangasius is a nutritious fish and healthy and energetic food. Every 100g of pangasius fillet provides around 83 kcal and consists of 17% of protein and omega 3 and omega 6.


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